IItís a lot of time that IN.VER.SOL ITALIA SpA is on the scene of varnishes and solvents manufacture.Modern automatic plants and the excellent position in the ENICHEM building characterise our factory located in Porto Torres. 
Companyís activity has been always oriented at the improvement of new production strategies to increase the range of products offered.
In 1996, year of important technological developments, by the collaboration with Enichem and another international group, IN.VER.SOL ITALIA SpA gained the Know-how for high technological varnishes manufacture and also obtained the licences for acetophenonexilole mixture production used as tracer for unleaded gasoline, specialising in oil-bearing productís denaturant dyes sector.

Besides sectors already mentioned our Company works in the industrial applicationís area offering a high-specialised service of installation of our own products. 
IN.VER.SOL ITALIA SpAís improvement goes on with the great support of our Research Centre that operates in scientific and technological research programs and that allowed our Company to become leader for chemical production sector in the economics scene..Our Company has been always sensitive to ecological problems and with In.ver.sol Ecologia operates in the safeguard of the environment.

IN.VER.SOL. ITALIA SpA introduced the Technical Control Department in order to guarantee the best service to our customers and to carry on with qualitative improvements and also obtained the Quality Quality Certificate ISO9001/UNI EN ISO 9001:2000

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